Dearest Monist Women,



This story goes back the earlier days of my corporate career, while I was working as a full-time auditor and working average of 16 hours a day for one of the prominent accounting, auditing, tax, and management consultancy firms also known as Big 4.


While in the rush of daily life and struggle I also had another struggle, a struggle for finding the perfect clothes for my taste and personality. The main idea behind these choices; building up an image and wardrobe. To achieve that goal, I was looking for clothes that must reflect and fit my professional business identity. Also, it would be nice for the sake of long hours of work the clothes I am wearing must be comfortable. On top of that I wanted to look stylish, effortless and a little touch of luxury would not hurt.

I cannot afford every cloth I am wearing to be the tailor made so the clothes I am wearing should be easily accessible.




Then here comes the technical issues. I couldn't find a product with a good collar depth, a suitable length that would fit my torso, without high slits, with high quality fabric, and elegant design. Lack of non-luminescent silk blouses certainly did not help.



In 2011, I decided to end my corporate career. Monist was founded in the same year. I had no experience in the textile industry. I just knew what I wanted, what a working woman needs. There were 4 main elements:


- Quality fabric

- Quality finishing

- Usable design

- Affordable price




These four features formed Monist's philosophy. Monist literally means a person who defends the philosophy of Monism. Monism, on the other hand, is the philosophical view that everything originates from a single substance, in short, uniqueness. In order to maintain this, we have been working with the same fabric suppliers for years and we sew all our products in our own atelier. Within the scope of this perspective in our hands we also constantly follow new trends, materials, new sewing techniques and blend our experience with new knowledge, hope these qualifications reflect back to our products.


Silk, vegan, viscose, and crepe fabrics are our main materials for all seasons. Wool and cashmere blended fabrics are added to our autumn/winter collections.


It is my greatest desire to meet your needs and to make your life beautiful and hopefully less formidable in this journey that I started out of my own needs. I hope to continue with an understanding that adheres to ethical values and will not cause on consumption frenzy. That's why your evaluations, criticisms, comments, and suggestions are very valuable to me. You can always reach me via [email protected] email address.


Hoping to write new stories with love and passion,




Sibel Turker
















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